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Top 5 Tips | Eat Pussy Like a Pro | Tips from Women 

Start at the taint 

A good way to start off is with deliberate licks starting from the area between the anus and the vagina.  Start there with your tongue pointed and as you slowly proceed forward towards the clit, broaden and flatten your tongue (like with an ice cream cone) and then bring it back to a point at the very last second at the top.  This way you slowly stimulate everything.  Running your pointed tongue up the crease between her leg and trunk of the body is also pretty cool too!

Round and Round 

Little circles. Circles are more fun than just licking, and sometimes one way is better than the other, so try both counter and clockwise. Let her moans be your guide.

G-Spot BJ?!?!?! 

You start with two fingers inside rubbing the bumpy part against the back of her pubic bone.  She'll like that while your giving her the clit BJ! Suck her clit out real long..  and gently rub your teeth against its base, and gently drag your teeth as you suck it as long as it will go. Keep those two fingers busy. She'll juice up real good.

Keep it up..  make her relax.  After a while, pucker up real tight and plant your lips just inside her, up front.  The idea here is to suck/capture her front pussy wall..  gently.  Capture it with suction. Now..  lick your lips in deeper, keeping the suction on, working your way deeper.  She'll go crazy!!!  With practice, you can actually work your way deeper and deeper..  sucking out her pussy skin..  licking your way
in there.  

About now, your head will be in a vice, but she'll relax and let you work your way in.  Okay..  here's the good part:  With practice (Lots and Lots) you can get her to relax, and actually give her a certified G-Spot BJ. Once you can lick your way in there, and capture her G-Spot between your lips with suction, honey's gonna cum like no tomorrow. This is the holy grail of cunnilingus..This is the real PRO technique.

Peach Pie 

[Editor's note: there is potential for infection putting food inside the vagina, it is not recommended.]

One day my wife opened a can of sliced peaches. She put them in a Tupperware container and put them in the fridge . The next day I came home and was looking for a little snack.. I found the peaches and it just dawned on me how they would be to combine them with eating my wife's gorgeous pussy. I mentioned that to her and she said OK .

Turns out, they are perfect! I slipped one slice in then two . I was amazed by the way she could gently push the peach slices back out one at a time while I licked her beautiful pussy lips . The peach flavor was enhanced when mixed with her succulent pussy juice . After she came several times from the clit licking I was giving her I left a couple of slices in her and started fucking her tight pussy wow . I came like crazy in her . After that she looked up at me and said I would have to clean her messy pussy with my tongue . It was delicious!!!!!

Anatomy lesson 

My girlfriend can't seem to understand why, but I love to go down on her.  I have been with other girls before, but her pussy is LITERALLY the sweetest pussy I have eaten.  I have learned most of my techniques (odd this may sound) reading books of anatomy, I learned damn near every body part, and paid close attention to the vagina area.  I have learned that when a woman is lying on her back, insert a middle finger palm down, and curve the finger slightly, this should "hook" to the inside of her hole, now this does not require a lot of movement, just short sliding...while doing this lick her clit...she should get off in minutes followed by multiple orgasms if she is comfortable with this.

Edge of the bed 

Slide the mattress slightly off the bed and have her sit on the exposed area with her legs spread.  The guy the kneels in front of her and goes straight at it.  The woman can use two pillows to lean back and prop her head up

Minty freshness 

While performing cunnilingus give her a cool and refreshing sensation by placing an Altoid candy on her clitoris and/or running it along her moistened labia. Blow lightly around her pussy and drive her nuts.  I had heard of using an Alka Seltzer in a similar manner but I didn't have much luck. 

Natural beauty 

The very first thing you'd want to do is gently spread her legs and look at her cunt with gazing eyes of appreciation. Just giving her most secret place a good visual once over and breathlessly telling her how beautiful her pussy is will win you more points than you could imagine. 

Then, proceed to slowly lick her open pussy with the flat of your tongue, but apply only a very slight pressure. This soft, wide-tongued licking motion lets her feel your entire tongue lap lazily over all the most sensitive spots of her liquifying labia and inner lip area. 

After doing this a couple of times, apply focused pressure with the ball of your flattened tongue, sucking her clit with quick, abbreviated sucks, occasionally softening your tongue for a quick lick job on her open pussy. Keep your lips gently suctioned and attached to her all the while and repeat all the actions, slowly, then faster with more pressure, asking her if she is enjoying it. You'll drive her mad with pleasure

Start with a tease 

The best tip I can give you is to make a game out of it. With my girl I start by kissing her everywhere (helps to set the mood) and I slowly work my way down south by kissing and licking her stomach until I reach the destination that makes her go wild.

Do not just dive right in, tease here with your tongue by licking the outside of it and licking the area above her anus until you lick along her slit until you hit the top of her clit. When she starts to quiver that is when you go in. 

Start with long slow licks and tease her clit with you tongue by doing a slow licking motion, like a cat licking up milk. Pick up speed and moderate your pace with tongue and finger action on the clit. When she cums hold the clit in your mouth, a sucking motion while she is cumming, it will make her cum even harder and even cause multiple orgasms. If done right she will ask for more and more.



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